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Posted: Wednesday 12th of June 2013

School Management System - Preview

The essence of Vasplus Programming Blog is to impact knowledge therefore, Schools, Colleges or Universities can not be left out.

We are currently designing a system called School Management System. This system will help to improve the performance and the entire system of Schools, Colleges or Universities all over the world.

Some features of the system includes

(1) Admission
(2) Students, Staff, Registrar and Admins Accounts Management
(3) Library
(4) Attendance
(5) Timetable
(6) Examination
(7) Hostel
(8) Departments
(9) News Update
(10) Messaging System
(11) New Users who intend to be students or staff of the school can pre-register but with a limited access right when logged in to ease the registration process for the school as the information to key into the system for new users are much
(12) A powerful Search Engine similar to the new Facebook Big Search Box design and much more

Please feel to suggest additional features you think we can add to this system to make it one of the best on the internet via the comment section at the bottom of this page or you can directly email us via our contact page on this website.

At Vasplus Programming Blog, we always want to give the best.

If you check very well on this website, you will see that almost all our scripts are free.
This one is not going to be a free application because it is a very big system, we pay heavily to keep this website running, we pay heavily for internet services, The computers used for designing this system were bought with money, Manpower is also involve with a lot of resources.

We are sure you all understand. We will do everything to get the system installed on your server or even buy you a domain plus hosting service depending on what you want.

The system will be ready around the end of this month or earlier next month.

We will be expecting your suggestions and feedbacks.

Thank You!
Vasplus Team.



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