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Posted: Thursday 18th of February 2016

Why Having a FREE website is bad Choice

Today, we will discuss reasons Why Having a FREE website is a bad Choice and why it is not recommended!

To get started, do a Google scan for "free website" and you'll be returned pages of results, all offering you a brisk and simple solution for building your site up without splurging a penny.

Sounds pipe dream? Often it is – without needing to appear to be excessively negative, at whatever point somebody is putting forth to you something for free, it's generally a smart thought to ask yourself, "what's in it for them?"

Hundreds have fallen prey to the bait of free sites throughout the years and lived to lament their choices. I don't need you to fall into the same trap so I've put together 7 reasons why you shouldn't have a free website that you might not have contemplated:

It just isn’t Professional from any side: No matter that you are promoting your business or marketing yourself erecting a website from a free website builder such as www.wix.com/, is not gonna create an awesome first impression, since you don’t get the option to use a custom URL.

The ‘’Free Offer’’ is for a limited period only: It's turned into a normal practice for organizations to bait in clients under the "freemium" model. This includes offering service for free at first and afterwards beginning to bill the service a couple of months down the street. By that point you'll have used to utilizing the service and it'll be a bother to change so you'll presumably simply pay up.

If they begin to charge eventually, it would presumably be rather expensive: One of the other precarious parts of these services coming without paying a dime is that they generally work out to be more costly than simply utilizing a paid one. As they've as of now got your custom by attracting you with a free trial, they don't have to contend on cost as much as other website suppliers.

You no longer remain owner of your content: Utilizing a free website service is similar to leasing as opposed to, purchasing a house aside from you're not by any means paying rent. While you can add loads of extraordinary content to your website and make it look excellent, you never truly own it – the agency providing you the service does.

The service provider may use your content if they so desire: It's unimaginable that you would be leasing a house for nothing without giving something to the proprietor. The same goes for a free site and now and again, the content you publish is regarded "payment" for hosting it. Ensure you scrutinize the small print – once you've transferred content to a site, it's conceivable that you've consented to surrender your proprietorship rights.

Your website could likely go down, and you cannot do anything: Since you don't actually own your website, you have no power over it being live. Your host can choose to pull your site whenever and don't need to give you any notice.

With your website down, you also lose your domain: On the off chance that you had a free website created by some free builder software you're most likely not crying over the loss of your domain at any rate. In any case, with your domain, likewise goes any SEO advantage that you've developed up over time. On the off chance that you had a not too bad page rank, you'll need to start the whole process all over again.

In conclusion, having a FREE website is not recommended to avoid regrets at the end of the process. The recommended choice is to pay for your own website design which will not cost you much and gives you full control or ownership over your contents, files, site security, backups and server where the site is hosted such as WordPress. You also have the option to get your website look and work the exact way you have always wanted.

Why Having a FREE website is bad Choice

Author Bio:
Emma Watson is a WordPress Developer by Profession and Writer by hobby. She works for Wordsuccor Ltd which is expert in providing Custom WordPress Development services to global clients. If you need to hire a WordPress developer you can connect with them on Google+, Facebook, and Twitter.

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