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Posted: Saturday 2nd of September 2023

Messaging System Similar to Facebook Version 8

Everyone likes the Facebook Private and Group Messaging System where communication has been made easy with amazing features to enhance user experience.

As a result, we at Vasplus Programming Blog saw the need to design a similar system which is also responsive to screen and uses the latest technologies especially for the higher versions of PHP to make life easier for our good users or clients.

This amazing social networking system is a user friendly application which is similar to that of Facebook with more advance features and functionalities, the system also is very easy to install and customize to suit your needs because we had the users in mind while designing the system.

The script is not free because we have put in a lot to get things done and it requires few dollars to get it. You will see the difference when you test or demo the system via the link at the bottom section of this page. We are proud to inform you that you won't find this kind of system any where on the net except on Vasplus Programming Blog. We have had previous versions of the Messaging System but this one is beyond "special" due to its new features and responsiveness.

The system helps and teaches you how to build a Private and Group Messaging System which is similar to that of Facebook with amazing features such as the following:

Features of the System
1) Responsiveness: The system is fully responsive to screen which means that it can work on any device, whether big or small screen sizes, the system is fully compatible. The minimum screen size is set to 350px.

4) SMTP Mailer: All email messages sent via the system are transported via SMTP server which gives you the assurance that the message sent will arrive at the receiving end instead of the regular PHP mail() function where the message sent can at any time be treated as spam and goes to the spam box instead of the Inbox of the recipient.

5) Private and Group Messaging: You can chat with a single user or with a group of users depending on what you want at a given time. You can give a name to your conversation provided you are the one who started the conversation and also add a conversation picture just as Facebook does. In situation where a conversation does not have a special name and a picture, the details of few persons in the conversation are presented with a section to hover over to see all the people in the group or single conversation.

8) Delete Single or Multiple messages: Users will be able to select and delete a message or multiple messages at a time just as Facebook does.

9) Delete entire conversation: Users will be able to delete an entire conversation just as Facebook also does should the need for that arise.

10) Search for Messages in Conversation: Users will be able to search for messages in their current conversation session and get high-lighted results using their search term just as Facebook does.

11) High-light Current Conversation: The system will move the current conversation which will be seen at the left section of the Message System page to the top of other conversations and high-light the current conversation with a blue background color to let the user know the conversation currently in.

12) Nice Smiley Box: There is a nicely designed smiley box for message sending purposes where users can easily select their desired smiley at any given time.

13) URL Extractor: The system can automatically extract URL data using any first URL found in the message box and it can also extract the data manually while using the system. Video URLs are auto extracted in messages as well as the normal URLs and the supported videos are YouTube, Vimeo, Metacafe, Dailymotion and Flickr.

14) Notification System: The system sends notification for all the major activities taking place to the users concerned when actions like "Seen by Williams, Elizabeth, Victor, etc", "New message received" takes place.

15) Expand Photos: Users will be able to click on any photo to see it clearly, they will also be able to view and scroll through all the photos in a newly received message. it doesn't matter if the photo was just browsed for sending or it has already been sent in a message, users will be able to see the preview of the photos when they click on them.

16) View All Photos In Thread: Users will be able to view and scroll through all the photos in a particular thread starting from when the conversation started to the end of the conversation without the need to load all the previous or older messages onto the screen.

17) Capturing Device Used for Sending Messages: The system captures the devices used by users when sending their messages and saves them in the database for future use and does not show the devices captured in this version but will be used in the next version. This means that if the user is using a computer with Windows 7 to send his or her message, the system will record Windows 7 as the device used for the message sent, the same applies when using a mobile device such a Android, Windows Phone, etc.

18) Auto Load Messages: Older messages are loaded automatically when the user scrolls the message displayed box top just as Facebook does.

19) Scroll to Bottom on New Message Received: The system auto scrolls to bottom when a new message in a current conversation session comes in to show the message to the user concerned.

20) Download Files: Users will be able to download the files sent to them in a conversation should the need for that arise.

21) Hide or Show the Send Message Button: Users will be able to hide the send message button to enable them only press the enter key on their computer keyboard to send their messages in a faster method. They will also be able to show the button and then click directly on the button to send their messages depending on what they prefer at any given time.

22) Report Spam or Abuse: There is an option where users can report other users who may have miss use the system or causing trouble within the system to the management of the website and such reports are sent via SMTP mail to the primary email address of the website.

23) Send Feed: Users will be able to send their feedback to the management of the website and such feedbacks are sent via SMTP mail to the primary email address of the website.

The system comprises of the following languages: PHP, JavaScript(Jquery / Ajax), MySqli for the database section.

Server Requirements
The system is a web-based application and as such has few minimum requirements. To run the system, you need a web hosting provider that includes the following requirements:

1. PHP version 7 or greater
2. MySQL version 5 or greater
3. A pre-registered domain name
4. 50 Megabytes of hard drive space
5. PHP extensions: curl

Most hosting providers already have these applications on their servers. With the above requirements met, the system will run on any operating system using any modern web server software.

We highly recommend DREAMHOST.COM as a better hosting company for your needs. Their server is excellent.

Browser Support
The system supports all modern standards-compliant web browsers, such as Chrome, Firefox, Safari, etc...

Refund Policy
Please see our Refund Policy here

System Usage
You can use the system freely as you wish unless otherwise stated by Vasplus in the scripts. You are permitted to modify the system to suit your website needs or requirement but selling it to someone else is prohibited.

Disclaimer & Limitations
Please see our Terms & Conditions of Use here

We provide free supports for all our paid applications provided it does not involve designing something new but in the case of a new feature, the client/user may have to pay for our service should the client/user request for it.

Please see below are few screen shots of the system. Explanation can not tell much, you need to log into the demo site to see it, demo or test the system for yourself.

To get started, please click on the live demo button below to see and test the system for yourself.

If you want the WordPress Plugin version, please Click Here

This application is cool

Sample Screen Shots

Messaging System Similar to Facebook Version 8

Messaging System Similar to Facebook Version 8

Messaging System Similar to Facebook Version 8

Messaging System Similar to Facebook Version 8

Messaging System Similar to Facebook Version 8

Messaging System Similar to Facebook Version 8

Messaging System Similar to Facebook Version 8

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